Lombok day tour for cruise passenger

Lombok day tour for cruise passenger

Lombok Island is one of the best tourism destination in the world, Lombok has many paradise small Islands among the main land, beautiful landscape, local culture, hospitality of local people as a magnet for all tourist to come to Lombok Island, as we know the number of tourists who visit Lombok increased every year and also some of International Cruises Ship put Lombok Island on their main tour program

As one of reputable local agency in Lombok Island Indonesia, Lombok Picnic Tour proud to offer Lombok day tour for  cruise pasengger who anchored in Lombok harbor and would like to spend their time in Lombok by visiting some interesting places with reasonable price.


Welcomed at Lombok harbour where the ship anchored, Our team will displayed group name upon arrival in Lombok so you can recognize us and then proceed to Sukarara Village, is one of traditional Village in Lombok which well-known with hand weaving village where you see a tradition of weaving in well cared. They weave gold and silver thread to be traditional Songket and Ikat cloth.

The large and holiest temple in Lombok, it was built in 1714 by King Anak Agung Ngurah Karang Asem Bali, it’s multi-denominational, with a temple for Balinese Hindus and one for followers of Lombok’s mystical take on Islam, the Wektu Telu religion. The temple has four shrines: one orientated to Gunung Rinjani (seat of the gods on Lombok), one to Gunung Agung (seat of the gods in Bali) and a double shrine representing the union between the two islands.

Get new experience in local transportation, this is your time for you to try the famous of Lombok’s traditional transportation named Cidomo, the only traditional transport in Lombok Island for short distance and Lombok Picnic Tour will arrange it for you to ride the local transport “Cidomo” to Kebon Roek traditional market with special driver of course and you will get different experience..

Is one of traditional market in Lombok where you can find all daily need with cheap price, you will have time to look around inside the market and interacting with local people, due to you will on crowded place, you are advised to keep all your important things on the car, just bring some money incase if you want to buy something in the market.

The last destination is Senggigi Beach is the main tourism area in Lombok, number of big hotels available here, restaurants and bars are easy to find, we will serve your lunch at one of local restaurant at Senggigi and after lunch you still have time to look around Senggigi or just relax on the beach, back to the ship in afternoon time and end of service..

Customize tour package or Tour booking, please contact us at info@lombok-picnic.com

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