Place to visit in Lombok island

Places to visit in Lombok island.

Lombok Island ( Pulau Lombok ) is one of the best tourism destination in Indonesia, located in West Nusa Tenggara just 65km east side of Bali Island. Lombok is the best place for family vacation, school holiday, Honeymoon for new couple and also Lombok is the great place for those who is in total relaxion on the white sandy beach.

Here are the best places to visit in Lombok island

Is an idyllic, peaceful beach, offering safe swimming and snorkeling, and has reef are perfect for surfing. Upmarket accommodations, starting from 5 star hotels to budget home stays are available with special price and offer, Restaurants and small cafes line the colorful main beach road. Banks and ATM merchant, money changers are available in central of Senggigi. Most visitors to Lombok usually start their stay at Senggigi.

The furthest west part of Mataram City is the old port town of Ampenan. The descendants of early Chines and Arabic traders settled here in a meze of shop houses, although trading has long since ceased, and the werehouse on the cost and other heritage building are interesting relics of the past. Today Ampenan has a square and esplanade attracting particularly local people around sunset. It is home to a fishing community. It has a selection of Restaurant, Antique and Art Shop.

PURA LINGSAR , is sacred temple not only to Lombok ‘s Hindus community, but also for local Moslem and Wetu telu follower. the t/ 1emple was built around 1714. This temple has two holy shrines and is the only place on Lombok where all religions – Hindus, Buddhists, Christian and orthodox Moslem come together to pray profanity, fertility, health and general success. Pura Lingsar has spring-fed pools within the temple grounds is home to large freshwater eels.

PURA NARMADA is about 25 Km from Senggigi area, was created circa 1805 as replica of Rinjani Mountain and Segara Anak lake. The garden at Narmada was beautiful maintained and surround the pool and lake. Some of the pools at Narmada are available for swimming and are popular with local people.

GILIS, The three Gilis Island are one of Lombok ‘s most popular tourist destinations, the islands are very relaxed and laid-back, with countless little beachside cafes serving up delicious food, and fresh fish grills. There are no cars or motorbike on the Island , people either walk around, or pick up the local transport horse cart (Cidomo). People travel to Gili’s to enjoy the relaxation, beaches, snorkelling and diving. There are now many up market accommodations, restaurants, bars.

Located at senaru village about two hours drive from the main tourist area. The waterfalls are amongst Lombok ‘s most spectacular, even after climbing 380 vertical steps down to stand below them. the water cascades in a steep vertical drop down the hillside into a rocky stream below. It is popular with both locals and tourists visiting the Mt. Rinjani National park 

PUSUK PASS is one of national park’s hill top which located in north of Mataram city and can be reach approx 30 minutes drive from Senggigi. The pusuk pass is some 403 meters above sea level, great spot for photographer with the best view of panorama overlook of Gili Island , a group of grey monkeys can be seen here.

SUKARARA VILLAGE is a weaving village where quality Ikat and traditional cloth is display and sold. weaver work outside many of the shops, using antiquated to painstakingly produce works art. some of the large pieces can take several months to weave, and collectors from around the world visit this village to purchase the blankets, sarongs, cloths produced here. PANJI SARI shop is the best shop to purchase the produced, the staff will assist you to walk around the village to see directly weaving processing.

BANYUMULEK VILLAGE , the small village is packed with shops selling pottery product in the area, as well as from other pottery-making village such as penujak, and Masbagik. lombok pottery, with it’s distinctive terracotta styles, has become famous internationally and it is exported throughout the world. The shops make great souvenir or gift to carry home, and the shops can arrange shipping to almost any country for large items and export.

RINJANI MOUNTAIN is one of highest mountains in Indonesia with high peak 3726 meters is seen from anywhere in Lombok Island . Some consider that Rinjani mountain is a sacred place for local community (sasaknese and Balinese). it is common to observed the ritual practices made by the people on the lakeside or at certain places around the crater lake. This magnificent mountain has become one of the highlights of Lombok tourism and has long attracted visitor to climber from both Indonesia and International tourists.

SADE & RAMBITAN are two traditional Sasak villages, located 45 Km south of Senggigi area. The traditional Sasak villages sitting between the roadside and rice fields. there are authentic Lumbung ( traditional houses ) here and the villages are laid out in old-style compounds.

KUTA LOMBOK, on the south cost, is famous for its beaches and great surfing. There is a good accommodation and restaurants in the area. Kuta Lombok is popular with surfers and holiday-makers seeking sun and see. Located about 50Km south of Mataram city ot one and half hours drive from Senggigi area. Kuta lombok has an expensively beautiful white sand beach and is a good base for exploring the stunningly beautiful southern coastline.

GILI NANGGU, GEDE, GENTING, three are several small islands outside the south-west coast around Sekotong. Some of the Island are sparsely inhabited. And all have white-sand Beaches, peppered with coconut palm and mangroves. Both Gili Gede and Gili Nanggu have Bungalows where you can stay. There are great place to swim, snorkelling and relaxing. You reach the Islands by Boat from Lembar or from nearby Tawun to Gili Nanggu and from Pelangan to Gili Gede.


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