Events Calendar at Lombok island

Events Calendar & Attraction at Lombok island.

Our Calendar of Lombok events provides you with important dates for Lombok public holidays, ceremonies, festivals and other events, as your reference to include on your holiday and Lombok has some special cultural and religious events that offer a unique experience.

New Years Day (January 1st): Celebrations of the new year continue during the day.
Prophet Mohammad Birthday (January 24th): All Lombok Moslem celebration of Prophet Mohammads Birthday, in every Villages.

Chinese New Year (10th): A celebration of chinese new year be held at Mataram and Ampenan City, heavy rain and windy for couple of day so you are advise to stay at hotel on this time.

Bau Nyale Festival (March 3rd -4th, 2013): This is a ‘catching of sea worms’ festival that happens annually. It draws the crowds at Seger Beach, Kuta, where people camp out overnight and join in the traditional rituals, art performances and boat races.

Ogoh Ogoh Parade (March 11th, 2013): This is an event that happens the day before Nyepi day (Hindu New Year), and occurs in Mataram and west Lombok. Here they have Ogoh Ogoh Statues in a parade, which they spin and then cremate to purify and neutralise negative power.

Nyepi Day (March 12th, 2013): Bali New Year/Bali day of “silence”. This day is a day of reflection, fasting and meditation. The silence day beheld on some of Hindu communityin Mataram City, all shopping center, transportastion and Airport still open.

Gendang Beleq Festival (April): This is a festival stemmed from history, traditionally used to farewell and welcome back soldiers from war. It is essentailly a dance, accompanied by drums and colourful clothing. It is a unique cultural activity of Lombok.

National Awakening Day (May 20th): A public holiday in Indonesia which celebrates the five principles of Indonesian State Philosophy.

Isra Miraj Holiday (June 6th, 2013): Marks the night of ascension of the Prophet Mohammad.

Senggigi Festival (July 1st – 4th, 2013): A 4 day celebration of Lombok art and culture, to promote Lombok tourism. A great way to see culture from all over Lombok in one place, and a fun event with parades and competitions.

Ramadan (July 9th – August 9th): A muslim event characterised by a month of fasting reflect on and reinforce their faith.

Lebaran (Idul Fitri) (August 5th – 9th, 2013): Significant Muslim festival which marks the end of the Ramadan Fasting. Can be a difficult time for transport and some businesses are closed, including banks.
Independence Day (August 17th): Commemorates the day Indonesia sort Independence, mainly celebrated amongst locals, where you may see dancing and processions. Hotels and restaurants etc usually unaffected.

Long Distance Cycling Event (September 19th – 23rd): A cycling event where people come from all over the world to participate.

Idul Adha (October 15th, 2013): This is Muslim day of Sacrifice, which commemorates the willingness of Ibrahim to sacrifice his son.

Islamic New Year (November 5th, 2013): The start of the Islamic New year, signified by prayer and readings.

Perang Topat (December 10th, 2013): This is a rice cake war celebrated by both hindu’s and muslims at the Pura Lingsar Temple at West Lombok. People come together to offer up cakes, fruit, rice etc. to give thanks for their crops. Following this, there is a 3 night war of rice cake throwing to celebrate harmony between people of Lombok.

Christmas Day (25th): Mainly celebrated by tourists and those of the christian faith.

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